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Help Prevent Veteran Suicide

Join Our Research

By installing the app, you’ll join our research to create a mobile alert system to let Veterans know when they need help - before it’s too late. 

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How it works?

Install The App

Install and sign-up to join the research.


Use Your Mobile As Usual

With total privacy. We do not track any content.

See The Results

Once we gather insights, you'll see the results and get first access to the final product.

Your participation matters!

The more people that join, the more insights we can gather to create an effective app to prevent suicide.

Mobile Give Us Insight into Mental Well-Being

On the Phone

Mobile is a Central Tool

Mobiles have become a central tool in life. Studies show mobile are the #1necessity in our lives

Computer Programming

Behavidence AI

The Behavidence AI understands mobile interactions to help create a profile of at risk people

Happy Woman


Mental Well-being

It helps monitor your mental well-being and identifies stress, anxiety, focus and fatigue

Join with Confidence. It’s 100% Secure & Private.


No messages, typing or sites visited are tracked. This is purely tracking behavior and engagement system. For example, how often someone opens their mobile.


We don’t know who you are!

You are an encrypted set of mobile behaviors. We have no way to match data to your identity.


We use distributed systems to store data and to ensure full privacy and complete anonymity. 

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