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Measure the Dynamics of
Mental Health with Our SDK

Our SDK is easy to integrate. It enables you to produce an
instant Mental Health Similarity Score (MHSS) to help identify

 mood, focus, stress, and other mental well-being indicators. 


A Powerful Tool For

Researchers, Innovators & SaaS companies

Plug and Play

Our SDK is designed for science.
It allows you to plug-in, calculate and store MHSS. It measures the effect of interventions accurately, continuously and with 0% respondent burden. 

Fully Customizable

Adapt the SDK to fit the needs
of your platform, research or
clinical trial.

Enhance Offering

Enrich your product or research. Gain

value data points (anonymous), measure effectiveness on user mental health and give users a daily MHSS.

Secure & Safe

The SDK doesn't require the collection of any identifiable information. The data is fully encrypted at all stages.


Fully Customizable

Functionalities You Can Integrate Seamlessly

Anonymous user sign-up & in 

Collect & upload data usage

Similarity score retraction

Standardized clinical &
research questionnaire

Sensor Data Upload & Handling

Journal entry creation


How to Integrate 

Everything you need to get started is available in our documentation and SDK kit. Cost starts at $3 per month/ per user.

Ready to get your documentation? Get in touch 

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