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Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • How can I install the Behavidence App?
    It is very simply - go to Google Play, search for the Behavidance app, follow the on-screen instruction and you are ready to go!
  • How does Behavidence keep my data secure?
    We do not collect any identifiable information - Behavidence was designed with total privacy in mind. We take safety and security very seriously and operate under the AAED principle. Abstraction Data is never stored as a complete set of behavioral data. Anonymization The data is completely anonymized and never stored together with any personal information. Even Behavidence employees can not access any of your personal information (e.g: Name, Address, etc). Encryption All the data collected is fully encrypted from the onset. Distribution We distribute the data to top-of-the-line servers in different locations to make sure that even in the worst-case scenario, no one will be able to use the data or identify any personal information.
  • What is a Mental Health Similarity Score?
    It’s a measure of how alike two examples are based on data. Your similarity score shows you how closely your digital behavior is like other people with ADHD, Depression or Anxiety. Our algorithm calculates a score based on how you interact with your mobile. For example, if your similarity score is 25% for ADHD. Then it means 25% your digital behaviour is similar to the digital behavior of people with ADHD.
  • What is digital behavior?
    It's anything that a person does online without monitoring content. What devices you use, the apps you open, and how long you interact with your mobile. We do not collect any identifiable information. Behavidence was designed with total privacy in mind.
  • What to do with my Mental Health Similarity Score?
    Your score is meant to help you create a plan or path. To give you an indication of what’s happening with you. For example, there are days we all feel exhausted and don’t know why. But if we listed all the things we did on that day - it would make sense. Remember this is not a diagnostic tool! It’s insight into how your digital behavior can measure your mood, focus, worry, and stress. We always recommend consulting with your Doctor regularly about any questions or concerns you have regarding your mental health.
  • Can you get all of that from my mobile?
    Yes. Mobiles have become a central tool in life. Studies show they’re the #1necessity in our lives. So, how you use this essential tool can give value insight.
  • How does Behavidence differ from other mental health apps?
    I. We are not a therapy or treatment app. In fact, the MHSS can be used as a measurement tool to see how well the other mental health apps perform. We recommend you keep track of your MHSS when using other apps to get a sense if they are really working for you. We are purely an unbiased metric. II. There's no user burden. Meaning to get a MHSS all you need to do is install the app, use your phone as usual and check your score daily.
  • What’s the significance of the thumbs up or down on my score?
    When you check thumbs up, or thumbs down it lets us know if you agree or disagree with the MHSS you are seeing. Why it’s important Your Helping Make Our AI Smarter: By using the app and letting us know if your similarity scores seem right, you’re helping our smart AI algorithm get smarter. The more comparative data we have, the more accurate our digital phenotyping and similarity scoring will be.
  • Is an MHSS only relevant for people who are concerned about their mood, focus, worry, and stress?
    No! It is continuous feedback on your mental health and well-being and can be used by everyone. Also, we always recommend consulting with your Doctor regularly about any questions or concerns you have regarding your mental well-being.
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