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What if your phone did not allow installation of apps from "unknown sources"?

As Behavidence is in an alpha mode and initial research, the app is still not available on the app stores. Most mobile phones have a safety mechanism to disable the phone from installing malicious apps on your device. To enable Behavidence installation you will have to take the following steps: 1.) Navigate: Settings > Apps. 2.) Click the Menu icon (upper-right). 3.) Choose "Special access." 4.) Click "Install unknown apps" 5.) Select your browser (Chrome / other browsers) and enable it 6.) Click Behavidence installation link

How does Behavidence keep my data secure?

We are taking safety and security of data very seriously. We are operating by the AAED principle: Abstraction - The data is never stored as a complete set of behavioral data. Anonymization - The data is completely anonymized and never stored together with any personal information. Even Behavidence employees can not access any of your personal information (e.g: Name, Address, etc). Encryption - All the data we are collecting is fully encrypted from the get-go. Distribution - We are distributing the data into top-of-the-line servers in different locations to make sure that even in a worst case scenario of a breach into our servers no one will be able to use the data or to identify any personal information.

How can I join the ADHD research?

It is very simply - just go to and follow the on-screen instruction.


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