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What is Behavidence?

What is Behavidence?

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Learn About Us 

In a world where mobiles have become a central tool in life - we’ve found a way to generate a daily mental health score based on how people interact with their phone; in a safe and secure way.

Behavidence was started by a neuroscientist, neuropsychologist, physician and bioengineer, all very passionate about helping improve the world’s mental health - meet the founding team to learn more.


How Does it Really Work?

The Behavidence AI understands a person’s mobile interactions to help generate a mental health score. The score is based on a digital behavior comparison to other people diagnosed with ADHD, Depression or Anxiety.

Security and Privacy by Design

We don’t collect any identifiable information. We use multiple top systems to store data to ensure privacy and complete anonymity. This is purely a tracking behavior and engagement system. For example, how often someone opens their mobile. We encourage everyone to view our privacy policy.


Our Values

We’re unbiased.

Our scores are based on 

pure data and not an opinion.

We challenge everything.

Especially ourselves. We’re data 

obsessed and there’s no data point 

that is not checked and rechecked to give users' the most accurate insight.

We disrupt convention.

Yup! We are using and will always push for new ways to think about how to help

everyone with their mental health.

We keep it real.

Our energy  comes from our own real life experiences and those of our loved ones. Let’s work together and find a better way for people to feel good.

We are transparent.

We want to share our knowledge - with 

everyone including the  scientific community. This is the only way we can bring about significant change.

Start feeling better

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