About Behavidence

Making mental health diagnosis and management accessible, accurate, always on and data based

Behavidence was founded to help people with the diagnosis, monitoring and therapy of mental health conditions. Utilizing digital phenotyping and machine learning algorithm we aim to give the app users, care givers and clinical therapists high accuracy tools to evaluate onset, progression and relapse of mental health conditions together with signals, data-driven insights and technology to improve and enhance therapies and quality of life.

Behavidence aims to become a clinical diagnostic tool within its first 5 years of operation while delivering measurable value to service users, psychiatrists and care-givers from the first version of our application.

Our core values are:

  • We are here to improve the quality of life

  • Look beyond the obvious

  • Reduce false-positive diagnosis

  • All decisions should be backed by data

  • Rigorously try to disrupt every assumption – including ours

  • Surprise and delight the scientific community

  • Share the knowledge

  • Encourage healthy competition to enable faster progress and improvement of people’s life

  • Safety and security of our community

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Meet The Team

Roy Cohen

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Co-Founder and CEO

Roy is an industry disruptor. He comes with years of leading experience in advertising in digital marketing. He created one of the most disruptive frameworks for machine learning algorithms at Facebook. His entrepreneurial skills extend to having found Quantum brands, and been involved in multiple leadership roles at Vidmob and Wix. In between the full time building of Behavidence, he is currently finishing his second Masters, this one in Neuroscience. He is obsessed with astrocytes and his dog Herzel.

Dr. Girish Srinivasan

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Co-Founder and CTO

Girish is an accomplished human being who is passionate about anything related to health and technology. His 20+ years of experience in medical technology solutions is complemented by an educational background of MS in computer science (Artificial Intelligence) and a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering (Medical Imaging & Data Analytics). His dynamic career path includes leadership roles in R&D, product strategy, clinical research, and marketing at Toshiba Medical, GE Healthcare, and Samsung Healthcare. He has deep experience in medical imaging and digital health solutions. His active areas of research and focus involve digital phenotyping for precision healthcare. When not trying to steal wifi bandwidth from his daughters (the new Normal), you will find him out running at the same speed with which he works!

Dr. Janine Ellenberger

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Chief Medical Officer

A medical doctor & serial entrepreneur - driven to finding solutions for her own children, Janine first led a revolution against skin cancer by formulating her own skincare brand, and is now focused on the accurate and early diagnosis of mental illness. She brings many years of clinical experience as well as the breadth of working across 3 continents in various healthcare systems. Innovative, empathetic and eternally curious, you will find her planning the next adventure whilst cooking up a storm. 



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Research Lead

Soumya, the youngest member of the team, is our research lead with a Bachelor of Science focused in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore, and a Masters in Clinical and Neuroscience Psychology at University of Nottingham. Her experience as a research assistant in Psychiatry and her skills in psychotherapy and psychometric testing are an invaluable part of the Behavidence team. When not researching, Soumya can be found tucked away in a coffee shop, somewhere!


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