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Discover Your Mental Well-Being
with Similarity Scores

Our smart algorithm gives you daily feedback on your mental well-being. See how your score compares to other people with various mental health conditions.

Similarity Scores are for Everyone

It gives you daily feedback on how you’re doing - that you can keep track of over time. Your score helps evaluate the onset, progression and relapse of mental health.


What is a similarity score?

It’s a measure of how alike two examples are based on data. Your similarity score shows you how closely your digital behavior is like other people with various mental health conditions.

Our algorithm calculates a score based on how you interact with your mobile.


Take for Example: Your Worry Score is 25%

If your similarity score is 25% for Worry. Then it means 25% your digital behavior is similar to the digital behavior of people with higher levels of anxiety.


Our App Features

AI Based

Utilizing digital phenotyping and machine learning, we aim to give app users, caregivers and therapists high accuracy tools about mental well-being.

100% Private

We don’t know who you are! You are a number in a good way. We have no way to match data to your name. We use multiple systems to store data to ensure privacy.

Unbiased Data

The similarity score is based on data and not an opinion. We use data-driven insights and technology to improve therapies and enhance quality of life.

Daily Feedback

You can check in daily and keep track over time (we recommend 2 weeks) about how your digital behavior is similar to people with ADHD, depression and anxiety

Supports Research

With more people, we can gather more insights to create an effective app to help people with the early diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of mental health conditions.

No Content Tracked

We don’t track any content - so no messages, typing or sites visited. This is purely a tracking behavior and system engagement . For example, how often someone opens an app.

Why it works

Mobile is a Central Tool

Mobiles have become a central tool in life. Studies show they’re the #1 necessity in our lives

Behavidence AI

The Behavidence AI understands mobile interactions to help generate a similarity score based on the digital behavior of other people diagnosed with ADHD, Depression or Anxiety.


Track Your Trend

You can check in daily! We encourage you to track your score over a period of two weeks to see how your are trending.

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Discover Your Mental Well-Being Today

Important Legal Print Everyone Should Read

This is not a diagnostic tool! It’s insight about how your digital behavior compares to other people with ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. 


Note: This information is not designed to replace a physician’s independent judgement about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient. Always consult your doctor about your medical conditions. Behavidence. Inc. do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use of the this application is conditional upon your acceptance of our user agreement

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