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Our goal is to help you achieve great mental
With one click, our app gives you scientifically validated* daily feedback based on your digital behavior. Use it to identify, track and cope with your mental health.

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Get a daily score

that compares you to others with ADHD, Depression and Anxiety.

Take Control of How You Feel Every Day

Before you can cope - you need to know what’s going on. Our app can help
evaluate the onset, progression and relapse of mental health conditions.


Identify with Real Data

You’ll get a scientifically validated
score that compares you to
other people with ADHD, Depression and
Anxiety based on your digital behavior
(how you use your mobile).


Track & Cope Better

Choose the best coping method by keeping track of your score over time. Use our journaling tool to see how therapy, sleep, food, exercise and life events impact your score.


Thrive in Life

Get the insight you need to live better. Our unbiased data can help validate how you feel, facilitate early mental health screening and better overall management.

Benefits of Behavidence


AI Based

Utilizing digital phenotyping and machine learning, we aim to give app users, caregivers and therapists high accuracy tools about mental well-being.


Totally Inclusive

Behavidence is available and relevant for all. You only need to have an android mobile - for now. Our IOS version is coming soon!


100% Private

Our app uses top systems to encrypt and protect your data. We don’t know who you are! And, have no way to match data to your name.


Supports Research

With more people, we can aggregate more insights to create an effective app to help people self-manage their mental health conditions.


Unbiased Data

Your daily scientifically validated MHSS
is based on data and not an opinion.
We use data-driven insights and technology to enhance quality of life.


No Content Tracked

We don’t track any content in other apps - so no messages, typing or sites visited. This is purely a tracking behavior and engagement system.


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