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Behavidence is an app that lets you understand how digital devices affect your child's behaviour

What are you getting?

  • How Mobile Device Affects Behavior - Be the first to get full view of how digital behavior affect your child's behavior

  • Advanced analytics - Use advanced usage statistics to manage conversations about digital addiction

  • Supporting Better Diagnosis - We are building an extensive, anonymized dataset, Behavidence is creating a digital phenotype for ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and even Alzheimer disease. To get there we need your help!

  • Access To Our Board Of Experts - Get full access to webinars, articles and open Q&A with our board of experts that includes physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and other clinical professionals.

  • Free Access - When Behavidence Public App will be launched we will charge $5/month for usage. If you join now you will get free access for the entire first year and be involved in all the new features we are developing.




You will be able to create the user from the "Sign-up" button in the app as well.

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For any question or concern reach us at health@behavidence.com

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Meet The Team


Roy Cohen

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Co-Founder and CEO


Dr. Girish Srinivasan

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Co-Founder and CTO


Dr. Janine Ellenberger

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VP Marketing




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Research Lead