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A Digital Phenotype for Mental Health Disorders becoming an Imminent Reality.

 Behavidence is excited to announce that we have initial data showing compelling differences in cell phone behaviour for various mental health conditions. We launched our research app 8 weeks ago and using machine learning algorithms have developed significant insights on ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. 

Curiosity piqued? Here is a taste of what we have discovered so far:

  1. Someone with ADHD has an average active app session length which is lower than people without ADHD. 

  2. People with ADHD spend more time on their phones( even though less time is spent on each app).

  3. People with Depression use more passive apps, like news and entertainment, than people without depression.

  4. People who are depressed shop a whole lot more! Their shopping category is far more active on their data charts. 

These are but a few of our current findings and, as we move to more information, we will keep you updated.

At Behavidence we aim to give you a technology driven diagnosis. Our goal is to make the subjective and not always accurate mental health diagnosis - based on what can be a biassed consultation and standardized testing - an objective one. Our focus is to create a diagnosis that is an Accurate, Affordable, Accessible and Always on. 

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